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Outlook: The U.S. Cannot Replace China’s Role in Asia

In an article originally published in Outlook, Liu Jianfei, a professor from the Party School of the Chinese Communist Party, commented that other countries, not even the United States, can replace China’s contribution to the economies of its neighbors. There have been some negative elements among China’s neighboring countries, such as a stronger stance against China in territorial disputes, military drills targeting China, and changes in Japan’s policies towards China. However, Liu stated that China’s neighbors have not fundamentally changed. For example, the negative elements are mostly in the east, while the north, west, and south remain stable. Further, the Sino-Russian relationship has improved. Although there may be some negative changes, they are mostly partial, and not comprehensive. “There are more opportunities than challenges,” concluded Liu.

Source: China News Service, reprint from Outlook, November 15, 2010