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China’s New Anti-Corruption Moves

Radio France International (RFI) reported that China has adopted two new anti-corruption measures that may be used against high-ranking officials.

The first one is that the Supreme People’s Procuratorate’s website for reporting corrupt officials allows people to report top ranking officials. The drop down list for the Official Rank field includes “state-level officials” which is the highest rank in China. At first, the options were “State-Level – Members of the Party’s Politburo Standing Committee,” “Vice State-Level – Members of the Party’s Politburo, Vice Premier, State Council Members,” … “Clerk,” and “Unranked Cadres.”

However, visiting the website now, the Official Rank field has been changed to an input box from the dropdown list. It is up to those making the report to write in the rank.

The second one is the re-issuance of “Regulations on Leading Cadres’ Reporting Personal Matters” and “Measures on Handling the Check Result of leading Cadres’ Reporting Personal Matters.”

Xinhua published an article with the Party’s Organization Department’s answers to some questions regarding the Regulation and the Measures. It said that “the Regulation is to focus on a ‘few key people,’ or the Party’s and government’s top officials.” “The other one is to focus on the family affairs and assets of the cadres. Family affairs include marriage, passports and visits to other countries for personal reasons, immigration to other countries, business, and whether they are under investigation. Family assets include income, proceeds from services, real estate, stock, mutual funds, insurance with an investment focus, business, and savings and investments overseas.

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