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RFA: UN Rapporteur Reported Chinese Government Interference

Radio Free Asia (RFA) recently reported that Philip Alston, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights, explained to AP about the Chinese government’s interference with his work during his UN mission trip to China last August. The Chinese government warned him not to arrange meetings with anyone through any private channels. He was required to provide the names of the people he planned to meet. At the same time, some of his contacts told him they had been advised to take a vacation during the time of his visit. The police detained one contact for a few hours so he would be unavailable at the meeting time. As a UN Rapporteur, he is supposed to be able to meet with anybody in any UN member country and to protect the information about his sources. Undercover Chinese national security personnel followed Alston for the entire time he was attempting to meet his contacts. The Chinese spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs refused to comment on the matter.

Source: RFA, May 3, 2017