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Xinhua: North Korea’s Hard-Line Stance Is Forced by Western Governments and Media

Xinhua published an article originally from China Youth Daily claiming that North Korea’s hard line stance is related to the actions by the United States, Japan, and South Korea. First, South Korea President Lee Myung Bak started the policy of “Korea unification under democracy” to replace his predecessor’s compromise policy between South and North. This has made North Korea feel pressured of its future. Second, Japan and U.S. always pressure North Korea. Although Japan, U.S., and other Western countries promise to give financial compensation and aids after North Korea abandoning nuclear arms, they add many additional political requirements, or attack North Korea’s “human rights,” or criticize Korea’s leaders, and delay the implement of the promise. These have made North Korea government very disappointed. Finally, Japan and U.S. never give up their preparation of war in Korea peninsula. They first installed missile defense system, then accused North Korea’s launch of satellite. All these actions made Pyongyang feel the need to defend its safety. In addition, tens of thousands of American and South Korea’s joint military forces conduct exercise at the Korean border. It would be strange if North Korea takes no actions.

Source: Xinhua, March 15, 2009