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U.S. Exports Domestic Crisis to North Africa, Said Official Paper

An article published on Jiefang Daily, the official newspaper of Shanghai’s Communist Party committee, blames the turmoil in North Africa on the United States for shifting its domestic crisis to other countries. Many other state media republished it on their websites. The article claims, ”The recent continuous turmoil in North Africa and the Middle East may have profound world economic and social causes. It not only results from the global financial crisis, but is also the result of the decline of the U.S.’s ability to lead in world affairs. In the end, it is due to the U.S. shifting its domestic crisis to other countries through two waves of quantitative easing of its currency.” The article concludes that, as long as the internal problems arising from the financial crisis are not completely resolved, such turmoil will continue. It warns, “What’s even more worrisome is that some big power will use ulterior political and economic motives to implement irresponsible policies while the Arab countries in Africa are still not stable, making the situation even more complicated.”

Sources: Jiefang Daily, February 28, 2011