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China Uncovered the Largest Counterfeit Sports Shoes Case

Well-known Chinese news site Sina recently reported that the Chinese police declared success on resolving the largest case of counterfeiting Nike shoes. The case involved over half a million pairs of shoes, estimated to be worth more than RMB 600 million (around US$88 million). The case started near the end of 2015, when Nike China reported to the police of Anhui Province that it had discovered counterfeit shoes in the markets of the Middle East. Nike suspected the source of these shoes was in Anhui. The investigation that the report triggered eventually led to the discovery that the manufacturer was a factory under the Anhui Feiyu Group, which has two other legal shoe making factories. The factory making the counterfeits operated on a very large scale with a full chain of manufacturing, even including a quality assurance department. It also developed a complete wholesale and distribution network covering both domestic and global markets. The findings in the case revealed a highly professional criminal network. It could not have reached such a large scale without help from various levels of government branches across China.

Source: Sina, May 25, 2017