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Zhang Dejiang Rejected a Separation of Powers in Hong Kong

Zhang Dejiang, Chairman of the National People’s Congress stated on May 28, that Hong Kong will not have a separation of powers and that Beijing should place it under tighter control.

Zhang said that Hong Kong’s political system under the Basic Law “is not a separation of powers, nor is it legislation-driven or judiciary-driven. Rather it is an administration-driven (system) with the Chief Executive as the core.” The power relation between the central government and Hong Kong is “the relationship of authorizing and being authorized, but not one of split powers. “Under no circumstance should (anyone) fight over the central government’s power In the name of a high degree of autonomy.”

Zhang also criticized Hong Kong separatists.

Pro-democracy people in Hong Kong expressed their upset with Zhang’s claim. They stressed that Hong Kong has long been following a separation of powers and that is the foundation of Hong Kong’s success. They also questioned whether the Communist regime wants to implement “Beijingers rule Hong Kong” instead of “Hong Kongese rule Hong Kong.”

Source: Apple Daily