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People’s Daily: The West Should Abandon the Mindset of Leading the World

An opinion article on the People’s Daily website questions the purpose of Western countries’ military action in Libya. “The original idea of UN Security Council resolution 1973 was to stop violence and protect civilians." However, one wonders at the Western countries’ purpose. “Help the opponent obtain a military opportunity by striking the government’s army. This has led the conflict in Libya to escalate. Is this stopping the violence?” “Some Western countries directly fund and arm the opponents to achieve their goal of ‘overthrowing Gaddafi.’ Is this consistent with its emphasis that ‘the purpose is not to overthrow Gaddafi?’"

“In fact, behind the slogan of protecting civilians’ interests is protecting Western countries’ interests. … including economic interests and … Western leader’s mindset of leading the world from their bones.” “From their action toward Libya, … it seems there is a ribbon to bind them together, i.e. Western countries leading world affairs.”

The article concluded: “the future direction of Libya is not only to test how long Gaddafi can last, but also to test whether Western countries’ mindset toward the world will change.”   

Source: People’s Daily, April 1, 2011