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Wu Chi-wai: China Is Changing the “One Country, Two Systems” in Hong Kong

July 1 will be the twentieth anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China. The Democratic Party in Hong Kong held a forum on June 11 to discuss the “One Country, Two Systems” situation in Hong Kong.

Wu Chi-wai, the Chairman of the Democratic Party said, “From the 2014 (Beijing’s) People’s Congress’ whitepaper on implementing the ‘One Country, Two Systems’ in Hong Kong to the speech that Zhang Dejiang (Chairman of the People’s Congress) gave recently, you can see that the central government has a general goal: to use a series of approaches to effect the gradual conversion of the hidden powers (of the central government), as defined in the Basic Law, into truly effective, clear, standardized, and enforceable powers (for the central government). This is having a big impact on (the principles of) ‘One Country, Two Systems’ that ‘Hongkongese rely on to manage Hong Kong’ and its ‘High-degree of self-determination.’”

Wu expressed that C.Y. Leung has long been claiming a severe “Hong Kong Independence” issue. This has given the Communist Regime in China an excuse to interfere in Hong Kong’s internal affairs.


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