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” ‘9.11’ Gave China a 10-Year Golden Opportunity to Regain Strength”

On May 7, 2011, China Review News published an article titled, “The More Anti-terrorism, the More Terror: ‘the Post-bin Laden Era’ Tests U.S. Strategy.” Citing comments from overseas and mainland Chinese media, the article portrays a dark picture for the future of anti-terrorism around the world and predicts that China will be the next target of U.S. anti-terrorism. 

“Before ‘9.11’ U.S. national power could be described as having reached its highest point since the end of the Cold War. When George W. Bush was elected president, with his devout religious beliefs, he viewed China as the main strategic rival and exerted diverse forms of pressure. Relations between the two countries plunged to the lowest point since 1989. If this kind of aggressive offensive policy had continued, it would have greatly slowed the pace of China’s development, but right at that time, Osama bin Laden gave a vicious blow to the U.S. Seeing that it would have been impossible to deal with international terrorism without cooperation from China, George W. Bush became a different person and turned to cooperation (with China). In other words, ‘9.11’ fundamentally changed the foundation of Sino-U.S. relations, giving China a 10-year golden opportunity to regain strength.”

Source: China Review News, May 7, 2011