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State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television to Shut Down Audio-Visual Programs in Self-Media

Duowei News reported that the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television recently issued a notice to shut down audio-visual programs on websites including Sina Weibo (microblog) and iFeng because they “air programs that are against national policy on audio-visual political programs and their programs spread negative comments.” This is considered as escalation of further control of the online environment, especially self-media. The article defines self-media as blogs, microblogs, Wechat, and forums. Microblogs will take a big hit because of the policy and it may get more and more difficult for political topics that are discussed on these media to pass inspection in the future. The article said that it is very possible that other types of media might be impacted in the future as well.

Source: Duowei News, June 24, 2017