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Hong Kong Military Parade Soldiers Responded “Greetings, Chairman”

There was a change at the military parade in Hong Kong. When Xi Jinping greeted the parade block as “Greetings, Comrade,” the soldiers responded “Greetings, Chairman.” In the past, the Communist regime has always used the response of “Greetings, Leading Cadre.”

The soldiers’ new greeting to Xi in Chinese is “主席好.” “主席” can refer either to the title of Central Military Commission (CMC) Chairman or the title of President of China. Xi holds both titles.

Lianhe Zaobao gave two interpretations: One was that it showed that Xi had obtained absolute power over the military, so he preferred to be called by his title “Chairman” (of the CMC).

Another interpretation was that “Chairman” is much easier for Hong Kong people to accept than the term “Leading Cadre.” “Leading Cadre” is a word used in Party culture.

Source: Lianhe Zaobao, June 30, 2017