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BBC Chinese: 6-Month Implementation of China’s New NGO Law Brought Disruption

BBC Chinese recently reported that China’s new NGO (Non-Government Organization) law that went into effect on January 1 resulted in disruption. A large number of NGOs suspended operations, cancelled activities, or lost sponsorship. The new law required that all NGOs, including those dedicated to environmental protection and charitable activities, must register with the police before they can operate. The police maintain a list of organizations that help overturn the government or support separatists. Financial and operations audits are needed before registration. It is estimated that there were around 1000 permanent NGOs in China and around 6000 NGOs working on short-term projects. So far only 139 NGOs have officially registered. Many NGOs refused media interviews, citing concerns about blockage from the police. Some anonymous NGOs mentioned “major bureaucracy” in the registration process. China’s Ministry of Public Safety refused to comment on this matter.

Source: BBC Chinese, July 7, 2017