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Shanghai Cooperation Organization is Not an Eastern NATO

The People’s Daily (overseas edition) rejected the commentaries of the New York Times and the Christian Science Monitor which suggested the possible role of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) as a military alliance. Titled “SCO is not an Eastern NATO,” the article states, “Some countries are on guard as their attention turns to the SCO. …The remarks [of the New York Times and the Christian Science Monitor] reflect the mindset of those who are not willing to accept the fact that their ‘world police’ status is being challenged. … The SCO is not and will not develop into a military alliance, but the maintenance of regional security has been its important mission.” “The SCO military exercises target regional terrorism, and are different in nature from the recent military exercises that have been held frequently in various world regions with a color of military alliance.” “The killing of bin Laden is merely a symbolic achievement in one phase of global anti-terrorism, in addition to temporarily uplifting U.S. President Obama’s approval rating.”

Source: People’s Daily, June 15, 2011