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People’s Daily: Internet Has Become a Tool for the West to Export Its Values

According to People’s Daily Online, on July 12, 2011, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) issued The 2011 China New Media Development Report. The report said that the security of China’s ideology has become the most important issue in the era of new media; the Internet has become “the ultimate tool for the West to export its values to the world.”

The author analyzed how U.S. propaganda toward China has transformed. “Western media moved the battlefield of ideology against China to a new space, developing Internet propaganda against China, emphasizing ‘mobile’ infiltration of ideology, expanding ideological hegemony, and developing technology to break through China’s Internet surveillance." It suggests that new media will be the major platform for the U.S. ideological battle against China.   

“Ideology security has become China’s most important issue. New media technology … has made the conflict and battle of different ideologies more direct, fierce and diverse. … On the other hand, new media also brings opportunity. It has greatly reduced the cost of transmission and shattered the West’s monopoly on ideology. … How to let our socialist ideology become highly recognized and accepted by mainstream social groups has become the most important research project in order to protect the security of our country’s ideology.”

Source: People’s Daily Online, July 12, 2011