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Xi Jinping’s New Titles

Recently Chinese media have given Xi Jinping several new titles.

A Xinhua article called him “the Supreme Commander of the people’s army” (人民军队最高统帅). “As the core of the Party’s Central Committee, the core of the whole Party, and the Supreme Commander of the people’s army, Xi Jinping …”

A China Central Television’s (CCTV’s) program called Xi Jinping “the Country’s Highest Leader” (国家最高领袖). The first episode of CCTV’s political commentary program “Continuing Reform to the End” stated, “Right before the Chinese New Year of 2017, people again felt the deep and warm care from the country’s Highest Leader.”

Radio France International also reported that some think tankers in China called Xi “the Chief Architect” (总设计师). This term was widely used to praise Deng Xiaoping as the “Chief Architect” of reform and opening up. Those think tankers called Xi “the third politician that qualifies as the Chief Architect (after Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping)” and “the Chief Architect that has made the historic leap in localizing Marxism in China.”


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