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Outlook Weekly Praises the Progress of US-Sino Relationship and Warns the Obstacles Ahead

A commentary by the Outlook Weekly calls the meeting between Obama and Hu one of the highlights at G20. Two major milestones were achieved from the meeting, the article cited, “building a positive, cooperative and comprehensive relationship in the 21st century” and “establishing a Strategic and Economic Dialogue group”. It named the meeting a historic event which “has set a stage and tone of US-Sino relationship in such a swift and highly efficient manner and carries a significant meaning on the future development of both sides”.

The article also warned a few obstacles along the path including the actions taken by US congress on Tibet and Taiwan issues, Pentagon’s “intention to stir up the South China Standoff” as well as some “anti-China force continues to embark on the trades and currency issues”.  It concludes that the future of US Sino relationship remains a major task for both countries to resolve.

Source: China News, April 7, 2009