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Chinese Diplomat: The Indian Army Can Either Withdraw or Be Captured or Annihilated

On July 19, on the China International Television “Dialogue” program, the former Chinese Consul General in Mumbai, Liu Youfa said that, since China and India reached a strategic partnership in 2005, the two countries have been moving forward in bilateral relations. The current Chinese leaders do not want this incident (confrontation in the border area) to became a stumbling block to their bilateral relations. China left India with enough time to deal with the incident.

“According to my understanding of international law, when the soldiers cross the border into other countries, they are ‘enemies.’ Only three kinds of consequences await them: automatic withdrawal, being captured, or, if the conflict escalates, being annihilated. The Chinese side is waiting for India to make the first wise choice (withdrawal), which would be good for both sides.”

Source: Sina, July 21, 2017