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Xinhua Commentary: Japan’s Defense White Paper Deliberately Raises Tension

Xinhua published a commentary blasting Japan’s newly published defense white paper. The article says, “The 2011 defense white paper that the Japanese government released … extensively describes China’s military force in large volumes and even fans the flames to stir up a tense atmosphere. The Japanese action severely damages Sino-Japanese relations.” “This year’s defense white paper not only makes irresponsible remarks about China’s normal development of its national defense but also incites dissension and transmits aggressive and invasive intentions in the text.” “Additionally, what’s ‘new’ in the white paper is the claim that China is starting to show a ‘forceful manner,’ while Japan is starting to display a posture of ‘caring for’ its neighbors.”

The article further states that there are two reasons for Japan to make such comments in the white paper. “First, Japan has been constrained by a cold war mentality for a long time; trapped in the Japan-U.S. ally’s mythology; and embedded in a milieu of ‘China threat’ and ‘containing China.’ Second, Japan has a strong invasive desire to get rid of the restrictions on its defense policy that its peace constitution imposed after the war (World War II).”

Source: Xinhua, August 4, 2011