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Xinhua: China Cannot Promise to Give Up the Use of Force in South Sea Conflict

Xinhua published an article by a scholar from Xiamen University, stating that China should not promise to give up the use of force in the South China Sea conflict. The article says, “The essence of the Philippines and Vietnam asking to sign a binding document with China through ASEAN on peaceful actions on the South China Sea issue is that they are attempting to force China to acknowledge their occupation of the South China Sea islands … and to nullify China’s ability to use armed force.” The article claims, “For a long time, China adopted a friendly policy toward its neighbors so as to win time for its economic development. However, in the South China Sea conflict, there is no win-win outcome. China must be prepared for military action. China is the party whose sovereign rights are violated. If China unilaterally promises to solve the conflict only through peaceful means, it will … allow the de facto occupation of the South China Sea islands by the Philippines and Vietnam. The Philippines and Vietnam will not need to worry about being attacked by armed force. Considering the arrogant attitude of the Philippines and Vietnam, the possibility of regaining the occupied islands in the South China Sea through peaceful means is quite minimal.”

Source: Xinhua, August 3, 2011