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Director of State Administration for Religious Affairs: Party Members Can’t Cross the Red line to Believe in Religion

According to an article that Duowei published on July 16, Wang Zuoan, the Director of the State Administration for Religious Affairs, published an article on Qiushi which stated that a religious belief is an “untouchable red line” for party members. In the article, Wang requested that party members must be atheists, believe in Marxism, and are not allowed to believe in a religion. Wang stated that, if anyone has embraced a religion, he must give it up or he will face consequences. The Duowei article stated that this topic has been mentioned on a number of occasions in past years, but during the “Two Sessions or Lianghui” held in March of 2017, religion was discovered to have ranked among the most discussed online topics in 2016 and a media focal point in 2017. The topic of “religion” was ranked 5th following education, children, real estate, and health.

Source: Duowei News, July 19, 2017