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Xinhua: Libyan Rebels Embarrassed the West

Xinhua recently reported on the assassination of the Libyan rebel’s military commander. The report emphasized that the victim died as a result of infighting. It quoted Gaddafi’s spokesman as saying “For the U.K. this is a resounding slap in the face.” The timing of the event was very unfortunate for the U.K. since it happened only 24 hours after the U.K. diplomatically acknowledged the rebels. The BBC reported the assassination as “totally exposing” the internal disagreements among the rebels. Despite the infighting among the rebels, on July 30, NATO bombed the Libyan National Television Station. The article referred to several newspapers in Egypt, Hong Kong, and Russia whose comments questioned whether the rebels can actually control and manage post-Gaddafi Libya.

Source: Xinhua, August 1, 2011