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Amazon Stopped Selling Its Most Popular Smartphone

Chinese online technology news site EN News recently reported that Amazon stopped selling BLU branded smartphones on its U.S. online store after an online security company Kryptowire revealed, at the recent BlackHat information security conference, that the smartphone has spyware secretly collecting sensitive user information and sending it to China. The BLU smartphone has been the top seller on Amazon’s online store. It runs pre-installed software that a Chinese company named Adups makes. Adups is headquartered in Shanghai. Amazon confirmed the issue. Adups was found last October to have the same problem and apologized with a promise to fix the “mistake.” However, once again the spyware was discovered on another smartphone model of the same brand. {Editor’s note: Adups spyware was reportedly found on many other smartphones priced below US$300.}

Source: EN News, August 1, 2017