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Xinhua’s Blog on Bombing of Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia: We Can Not Forget their Blood

On the tenth anniversary of the bombing of the Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia, Xinhua started a blog in memory of the incident and to ask the Chinese people not to forget about the past.

The blog had the following in the introduction: “Today is the ten year anniversary of the attack on our embassy in Yugoslavia. Ten years ago on May 8, US air force dropped 5 bombs to attack China’s embassy in Yugoslavia resulting in the death of three Chinese reporters… (The attack) enraged of tens and millions of Chinese college students and patriotic civilians. Looking back on the attack and how the US government handled themselves, it is not inappropriate at all to describe them as ‘arrogant’ and ‘barbarian.’ The attack was arrogant and the after attack was even worse. It was the tremendous amount of sincere effort from the Chinese people that has reconciled the cooperation between the two countries. But the US is still on guard against us and the underlying hostility still remains… We shall not forget the past as many incidents are worth remembering…”

Source: Xinhua, May 8, 2009