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People’s Daily: Half of U.S. People not Satisfied with Obama

People’s Daily recently reported on a Gallup poll, which showed that 54% of those responding were dissatisfied with Obama. The poll also showed that Obama’s job approval rating was at 39%, which is a record low for a U.S. President. The report suggested that the poll result was related to S&P recently dropping the U.S. rating to AA+ for the first time in history. The report also referred to a recent Reuters’ poll which indicated that over 70% of U.S. people believe the country is heading the wrong direction. The report mentioned a few other numbers to prove its point: In July, the U.S. unemployment rate remained above 9% and the second quarter economic growth rate was merely 1.3%. Although Obama just started his bus tour in the Midwest to sell his new plan, the report hinted that might just be “a show for his reelection.”

Source: People’s Daily, August 20, 2011