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Blue Book Published on Overseas Chinese Media

Huaqiao University and Social Sciences Academic Press recently published the first “Blue Book on Overseas Chinese Media.” According to the Blue Book, there are over 300 overseas Chinese media in 50 countries, including 20 in the U.S., Japan, Canada, Malaysia and Australia alone.

Based on a survey collected from the oversea’s media, the Blue Book disclosed that 55.7 percent of the media have built their own websites while 12.9 percent have plans to launch a website; 60 percent of the media think that the major challenge they face is market competition; some have business operational issues including that 50.8 percent lack funding; and 47.7 percent are short of professional editorial staff.

Among the suggestions the survey collected were requests that the Chinese government provide funding; provide free news and various programs; support local Chinese language education; build networks and collaboration between domestic and overseas media; and encourage the local government to use the overseas media channels to advertise foreign investment opportunities and policies.

The Blue Book also suggested that two critical factors shape the future of overseas Chinese media: the immigration of millions of Chinese from the mainland, Taiwan, and Hong Kong provides a strong market; the arrival of the digital age poses a challenge when the traditional print market is shrinking and online media continue to grow.

Source: Huanqiu, August 26, 2011