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Duowei: China Launched Internet Crackdown to Secure the Internet Prior to 19th National Congress

According to Duowei, a number of Internet security measures have been launched recently to ensure Internet stability prior to the 19th National Congress. On August 11, the Cyberspace Administration launched an investigation against Ten Cent Weixin, Sina Weibo, and Baidu Post Bar for alleged cases in which its users spread violent content, rumors, and sexually explicit material. Such acts violated the Internet Security Law that was introduced on June 1. Several Internet service providers including VeryCloud and EnHT Technology companies conducted a “one-key shutdown” drill in early August. The drill tested their ability to shut down Internet service immediately when they received an official notice. In addition to tightened control over VPNs, the central administration also issued a notice to its party members to exercise restraint over Internet activities to make sure no one spread information that damaged the party’s image or published commentary articles that contained politically sensitive topics.

Source: Duowei, August 11, 2017