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People’s Daily: Reflecting on the Negative Effects of the Libyan War

A People’s Daily article analyzed the effects of the Libyan War. It said, “The war forcefully altered many factors affecting the situation in West Asia and North Africa.” “The Libyan war was started to effect UN resolution 1973. … On the surface, the war appears to have been a battle between Libyan opponents and the government. In reality, it had a strong shadow of big Western countries’ manipulation. If it weren’t for NATO’s large-scale and long-term air strikes, it would not have lasted over five months.”

“Gaddafi voluntarily gave up large-scale weapons of mass destruction in 2003, surrendering to the West both politically and economically, but the West still attacked militarily. [Therefore,] Iranian top leader Khomeini publicly stated that Iran’s decision not to give up its nuclear plan was absolutely correct. Russian leader Putin also claimed that the Libyan war showed how Russia had to focus intensely on developing its military force and enhancing its national defense. These examples show the negative side of the Libyan war and transmit a strong signal to countries and leaders not friendly to the West. Once on the opposite side of the West, the only way to be secure is either to give in completely or to develop one’s own “powerful weapons.” The later choice is advancing. As such, the risk of returning to ‘Jungle Politics’ will increase greatly.”

Source: People’s Daily, August 24, 2011