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China Withdraws Industrial Equipment from North Korean Rason Area

The DailyNK, a South Korean news site that focuses on North Korean activities, recently reported, based on its own sources, that hundreds of trucks filled with industrial equipment from the Rason region were lining up outside of Chinese customs, waiting to return to China. This occurred the second day after China banned two thirds of North Korea’s export products based on the UN sanctions resolution. The Chinese government has not yet ordered the evacuation of industrial factories. However, the Chinese factory managers in those factories have been very much concerned about the potential of becoming the target of North Korean retaliation. Locals worried that, if this trend continues, Rason city could quickly become an empty town. At the moment, many Chinese factory owners are still busy looking for trucks. Not long ago, China unexpectedly supported UN Resolution 2371. This move caused quite a few complaints among Chinese investors in North Korea since they were caught unprepared.

Source: DailyNK, August 17, 2017