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Huanqiu: Breaking Up the Coalition on the South Chinese Sea

Huanqiu published a special commentary on the new coalition of Vietnam, India, the Philippines, and Japan. The article stated that the driving force behind the coalition came from Vietnam and the Philippines and that regardless of what China does, they will not back down. The U.S. and Japan are really reluctant to come to a wide-reaching impasse with China. India, ambitious as it may be, is not mature; it has low productivity and tends to act on impulse. “Based on the foregoing, to ‘shelve the dispute and jointly develop,’ we must dare to dispute and to develop. … Only if China draws an ‘insurmountable red line’ on key principles and demonstrates the power and resolve to defend that red line will other countries weigh the pros and cons and become prudent. Then the coalition will vanish."

Source: Huanqiu, reprinted by Xinhua, October 7, 2011