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Xinhua: Death of Gaddafi Does Not Mean Everything is All Right

On October 20, 2011, Xinhua published a commentary on the death of Gaddafi. It stated that Gaddafi’s death does not mean the game in Libya is over. “People realize that Gaddafi’s death does not mean that everything is now all right in Libya. Gaddafi’s surviving forces will still make trouble. Conflicts between the eastern and western regions, large and small tribes, and various political forces may still surface. A flood of weapons among the people, foreign interference, as well as extremist and terrorist forces fishing in troubled waters are further elements that may contribute to the volatility of the situation in Libya. For the foreseeable future, Libya, in the post-Gaddafi era, will not be at peace. In fact, the death of Gaddafi really raises the curtain for the maneuvers of the various Libyans who are vying for power.”

Source: Xinhua, October 20, 2011