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International Herald Leader: China Is not the Leader of the World Yet

International Herald Leader, a newspaper under Xinhua, published an article by Zhang Jie, Director of the Department of Security and Foreign Relations, Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Science. Zhang argued that it is not the “G2” era yet. As to leading and affecting the global affairs, U.S. still has the dominant power and does not want to have an equal share with China. China has a low per capita GDP and does not have the capability to lead the world on many areas including technology advancement, innovation and cultural influence. China should still exercise a big country’s responsibility though it’s not the leader. [1]

On the same day, International Herald Leader also published another article arguing that the meaning of “G2” has been shifted. The concepts of “Chimerica” and “G2” were created with the focus on economy. But “G2” was later transformed to mean that both U.S. and China jointly manage the global affairs, thus becoming a form of “China Threat” to both U.S. and other countries. [2]

[1] International Herald Leader, May 26, 2009
[2] International Herald Leader, May 26, 2009