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Outlook Weekly: TPP û the Core of the U.S. Strategy to Return to the Asia Pacific

The State Information Center published an article in Outlook Weekly recommending that China join the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade pact, an Asia-Pacific regional trade agreement. The United States, eight other partners, and Japan have announced plans to participate and are currently negotiating. “Once the TPP is implemented, it will most likely change the current pattern of economic development and trade, have a profound influence on global, economic, and trade relations and regional economic cooperation and impact other forms of the multilateral trading system in the region.” With TPP, the U.S. intends to lead the future in economic cooperation in the region and formulate the new economic order with the U.S. as the center. “TPP may be viewed as the core strategy of the U.S. ‘New Pacific Century.’” The article recommends that China participate as early as possible so that it can set the standards and position itself well strategically.

Source: Outlook Weekly, November 14, 2011