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VOA: China to Recruit Technology Experts from Overseas

As China’s demand for technology experts continues to rise, Chinese leaders are more and more conscious of how important it is to have technology experts help China grow. The Chinese government has adopted a series of measures to attract Chinese students who have studied abroad to return to China. The “Thousand People Plan” was introduced at the end of 2008. If offers incentives to attract high tech expertise from overseas to work in China. In June 2010, the State Council issued a mid to long term plan to develop technology experts. At the 10th conference on the international Exchange of Professionals that was held in Shen Zhen on November 5, 2011, the Chinese government announced that it will allow foreigners to hold senior positions in the scientific field or state owned enterprises. It will offer them compensation to match the level of pay they would receive in the U.S. and provide them with long term visas to live in China.

Professor Yan Xuetong, the Director of the Institute of International Studies, Tsinghua University, predicts that the future competition between China and the U.S. will be in technology, education, and expertise. Yan said, “Whichever country can attract the experts will be the most powerful.” He also believes that China doesn’t just need technology experts; it also needs experts who are capable of strategic thinking.

Source: Voice of America, November 17, 2011