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Chosun: North Korean Banned Residents Near Nuclear Test Site from Entering Pyongyang

South Korea’s largest newspaper Chosun recently reported in its Chinese Edition that the North Korean government has banned residents who live near the nuclear test site from entering Pyongyang – after its sixth nuclear test. Those residents who had scheduled appointments with Pyongyang hospitals were told not to come visit. Experts expressed the belief that the Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site suffered a certain level of collapse after the last nuclear test and local residents could have been exposed to radioactive contamination. That was the biggest potential reason for the North Korean authorities to establish the ban. In the meantime, North Korea has been mobilizing its citizens in nationwide war preparation exercises. The North Korean military was given permission to shoot if they encounter a group of soldiers where most “wear glasses and are taller than average,” even if the group is in North Korean military uniforms.

Source: Chosun, September 22, 2017