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Deutsche Welle: Foreign Tourists Banned from Visiting Tibet during 19th National Congress in October

According to an article that Deutsche Welle published, foreign tourists will not be allowed to visit Tibet during the 19th National Congress from October 18 through 28. The article reported that, ever since a protest broke out in Lhasa Tibet in March 2008, Tibet has been closed to foreign tourists from March to April each year. Other dates that the region is closed include the Tibetan New Year and the Chinese New Year, as well as special dates such as the 50th anniversary of the Tibet autonomous region celebration in 2016 and the 60th anniversary of the peaceful liberation of Tibet in 2011. A posting on the official visa website stated that, for foreign tourists to visit Tibet and if they plan to visit a certain region that is not open to the public, they must join a travel agency or obtain a special travel visa. Diplomats, reporters, or media must obtain a visa by going through official channels. Tourists from Taiwan are not allowed to go on self-guided tours and should join a tourist group that a travel agency has organized. The article also reported that, since 2009, over 120 Tibetans have died due to self-immolation in protesting the official policies in Tibet.

Source: Deutsche Welle, September 27, 2017十九大期间外国人禁止入藏/a-40702695?&zhongwen=simp