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EU Reached Agreement on Anti-Dumping Rules against China

Well-known Chinese news site Sina recently reported that, after 18 months of internal debates, the 28 member countries of the European Union finally reached an agreement on the anti-dumping issue against China. The newly established rules will treat all WTO members equally. However, for those countries that significantly interfere with the free market, the EU will take special actions. For many years, China was not considered a “free market economy.” In the meantime, after 15 years being a WTO member, China expressed its belief that it should not be treated that way. Now the new rules define the concept of “dumping” as exporting goods at a price lower than its domestic price. EU investigators will determine the degree of dumping based on this new standard and recommend punishment. Critics expressed their concerns about the new EU rules, which have shifted the burden of proof from China to EU companies. On September 13, the EU also established its new plans for screening foreign investments.

Source: Sina, October 4, 2017