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In the U.S.-Iran Conflict, China Needs to Prepare for the Worst Scenario

Xinhua republished an article from Guangzhou Daily about how, in the U.S.-Iran conflict, China should be prepared. The article stated, “From the perspective of oil supply, if China cooperates with the United States to sanction Iran, it will undoubtedly bring us a lot of trouble. Considering the direction in which the U.S.-Iran conflict is developing, we need to prepare for the worst case scenario, that the U.S. starts a war against Iran. That way we can make arrangements accordingly in advance to assure our domestic energy supply.”

The article also suggested, “At the same time, (in making decisions) we should not just consider the issue of Iran in the context of oil. We should also consider the geopolitical situation. Even if the U.S. were to use its armed forces to strike Iran, the war would eventually end. Many countries, including China, would still need to import oil from Iran.”

Source, Xinhua, January 25, 2012