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Washington Times: The U.S. Should Confront China’s Duplicity

The Washington Times published an article by James Lyons, a retired U.S. Navy Admiral, and former commander in chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, stating that “the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has developed an extremely devious strategy to challenge U.S. strategic interest not only in the Western Pacific, but also globally.” China has built networks with countries such as North Korea, Burma, Iran, Sudan, Venezuela and Yemen – to mention but a few – all of which are hostile to the United States and other democracies. China is behind all of North Korea’s moves. China has been supplying nuclear technologies to other countries, and China has been using Iran as a proxy to support the Taliban, where China provides weapons and ammunition to Iran, which are then passed to Shi’ite militias and the Taliban. Lyons argued that the U.S. should tell China to reverse its nuclear and missile proliferation policy and should also take other measures to confront China’s duplicity.

Source: Washington Times, June 21, 2009