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RFA: During 19th National Congress, Foreign Media Reporters Subjected to ID Checks; Complain about Lack of Contents to Cover

According to an article Radio Free Asia (RFA) published, during the 19th National Congress, reporters from foreign media have been under tightened security and have been limited in what they could report. The article stated that the reporters have been subjected to ID checks at hotels throughout Beijing. On certain occasions, reporters have only been allowed to listen during delegate meetings but could not raise any questions. Even when they were allowed to ask questions, reporters complained that there was not much to write about. All they heard was that almost all the delegates they interviewed gave similar answers such as, “Support Xi’s core values and line up with the central administration,” “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era,” or “The central administration is centered on comrade Xi.” The article stated that the police, the armed police, the special police, and the plain clothes police could be seen everywhere. Hotel staff have been told to pay special attention to reporters and to perform ID checks on them.

Source: Radio Free Asia, October 19, 2017