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Chinese Ships Entered Controversial Island Region

According to Kyodonews of Japan, on March 16, 2010, ships from Chinese Marine Surveillance Corps. entered the Japanese area of the Diaoyu Islands (which Japan calls the Senkaku Islands). The Japanese Coast Guard followed with warning signals. The Chinese ships left the area 25 minutes later.

Xinhua reported about the same incident and stated that on March 16, Marine Surveillance Corps. ships No. 50 and 66 entered into the Diaoyu Islands (or Senkaku Islands) region to conduct routine surveillance where they encountered the Japan Coast Guard. According to the Xinhua report, they said, “We immediately called for their attention, displayed our identity, inquired about the situation and declared our position.” Xinhua said that they received no response from the Japan Coast Guard which just simply followed after them.

China’s State Oceanic Administration claimed that the routine surveillance was consistent with China’s position on the ownership of the islands and the nearby region. Chinese Marine Surveillance Corps. is an entity that operates under the supervision of State Oceanic Administration.

There have been continuous conflicts between China and Japan over the ownership of Diaoyu (Senkaku) Islands. In September 2010, the Japanese Coast Guard hit a Chinese fishing boat in the region and arrested the boat captain.

[Ed. Media reported in 2010 that the Chinese fishing boat collided with Japanese vessels, after which the Japanese detained the Chinese captain.]  
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