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Jiang Zemin Received Different Media Treatment at the 19th National Congress

Storm, a Taiwan media and BackChina, an overseas Chinese media both carried reports on how Jiang Zemin received different media treatment at the 19th National Congress, which indicates where he stands in Xi Jinping’s eyes. Storm reported that during the closing ceremony, initially Xi Jinping and Jiang Zemin were chatting while waiting for the ceremony to start. However, when everyone rose during the national anthem, Jiang apparently struggled to get up. It was not until two assistants ran over that Jiang was able to stand up. The article stated that Xi did not even look at Jiang during the entire process; whereas, at the 18th National Party Congress, Hu Jintao helped Jiang to get up. In some situations, Jiang was either “accidentally” blocked or completely taken out of the picture. One example was at the opening ceremony. When Xi Jinping bowed and acknowledged Hu Jintao, Jiang Zemin, and the entire conference, Jiang’s image was completely cut off. When Xi led the group of leaders entering the stage, Xi completed blocked Jiang’s image. Also, when Xi finished his report and returned to his seat, CCTV showed a close up image of Xi shaking hands with Hu Jintao who sat to his right. However when Xi shook hands with Jiang, a photographer blocked him. Taiwan Eastern Television reported that when Xi delivered his report and read the part that said, “Whatever the public is against and hates …” it was not a co-incidence that CCTV showed a close up image of Jiang Zemin. The article suggested that Xi Jinping broke a number of political protocols to demonstrate that even though he appears calm and emotionless most of the time, he is in complete control of the current situation.

1. Storm, October 24, 2017
2. BackChina October 23, 2017