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Global Times: Russia Delivered S-400 Missiles to China

Global Times recently reported that Russia’s latest air defense missile system, the S-400 “Growler” (NATO name: SA-21) was a huge success and has been threatening the U.S. Patriot air defense missile’s market share even among U.S allies, such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia. According to the U.S. magazine The National Interest, the efficiency of the Russian S-400 has been “a game changer in the Middle East.” The S-400 can destroy any missiles within a range of 40 to 400 kilometers. It is designed to shoot down long-range reconnaissance aircraft. With the help of special radar, an S-400 can detect stealth fighter jets as well. There is no Patriot model that can match S-400’s capabilities. China was the first country that reached a deal with Russia for a supply of the S-400 supply; not long-ago Russia delivered the first shipment of that deal. This recent delivery was enough of a supply to equip several regiments.

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