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Epoch Times: Chinese Authorities Draw Blood from Uyghurs in Xinjiang to Build Secret Organ Matching Database

Epoch Times published an article on a seminar that Dr. Enver Tohti, former surgeon from Xinjiang and head of the Uyghur Association in England, held in Taiwan on using the Uyghurs in Xinjiang for Organ Harvesting. Dr. Tohti disclosed that starting in June of 2016 the Chinese authorities launched a so called “physical exam” project to conduct large scale blood testing of 15-20 million Uyghurs living in Xinjiang. The real purpose, however, was to build a database for the purpose of matching organs {of donors to recipients}. The authorities also sent 25 percent of the Uyghurs to “reeducation sessions” in order to “crack down on extremists.” It seems that many of them never returned home. A photo that Dr. Tohti displayed on his cell phone showed an express tunnel inside an airport in Xinjiang with “human organ transport access” marked on the floor. Dr. Tohti said that after he exposed this evidence in Japan in April of 2017, the Chinese authorities changed the name of the project from “Physical Exam” to “DNA test,” but continued to collect blood samples during the test. According to Dr. Tohti, Transplanting Organs has become a mature and extremely profitable industry in China. Some hospitals widely promote the transplant business with guarantees that they will have a matching organ within a four hour wait time, an indication that there are a large number of organ {donors} readily available behind the scenes. The Chinese authorities started to conduct live harvesting of human organs in 1990 mostly on minority residents in Xinjiang. In 1999, they then started to target Falun Gong adherents. He said that, in 1995, he was personally involved in a surgical operation on a prisoner and has felt guilty about it even through today. He asked the people who plan to receive organ transplants in China to think about it twice because they could become a killer who indirectly killed an innocent life.

Source: Epoch Times, October 17, 2017