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PLA Daily: Never Expect to Take Away Half an Inch of China’s Territory

On May 10, 2012, amid the heightened tensions between China and the Philippines over what is known as the Scarborough Shoal in English and Huangyan island in Chinese in the southeastern region of the disputed waters, People’s Liberation Army Daily, the official voice of Chinese military, published a commentary titled, “Never Expect to Take Away Half an Inch of China’s Territory.”

The article said, “We never tolerate any unreasonable embarrassment with blind patience, not to mention that the issue matters for China’s territorial integrity, national dignity, and even social stability.

“For anyone who tries to snatch the sovereignty over Huangyan Island, not only will the Chinese government not agree; the Chinese people will not agree; and the Chinese army will not agree.

“For anyone, regardless of what tricks he plays, what backing he has, or what accomplice he ropes in, never expect to take away half an inch of China’s territory.”

Source: PLA Daily, May 10, 2012