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RFA: Committee for Inspection of State Affairs Is a Political Body That Sits above the Executive and Judicial Body

Radio Free Asia (RFA) carried an article that stated that an article Xinhua published on November 5 clearly specified that the “Committee for the Inspection of State Affairs” is a political body, not an executive or judicial body. It stated that it is an organization that sits above the ordinary executive or judicial body and has the power that both the party and administration have. However, the RFA article stated that whether it can make a breakthrough in fighting corruption remains to be seen. The Xinhua article emphasized that, “It is necessary to have an accurate understanding that the ‘Committee for the Inspection of State Affairs’ is an anti-corruption governing body. It works with the Commission for Discipline Inspection and represents the Party and the nation to exercise supervisory powers. It is a political entity and not an executive or judiciary body. It should always make politics the top priority.”

Source: Radio Free Asia, November 6, 2017