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Xinhua: Korean Media Discuss U.S. Military Strategic Adjustments in Korea

Xinhua recently republished an article from the Korean Daily News that discussed the U.S. military’s latest strategic adjustments. The U.S. military, not long ago, decided to keep the Korea-U.S. Joint Command as well as deploying the artillery brigade to the north of the Han River (which is closer to North Korea). These are significant decisions that are the opposite of those of President Bush. Apparently with the U.S. moving its strategic focus to Asia, the Obama administration is making corresponding adjustments in Korea to reflect the change. Another important aspect of the move is that, with the weakening of the U.S.-Japan relationship, the United States is giving more weight to U.S.-Korean cooperation in order to better contain China. Containing China seems to be the number one goal for U.S. security and its foreign relations strategy.
Source: Xinhua, June 17, 2012