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People’s Daily: Who is the Troublemaker for East Asian Security?

People’s Daily recently published an article discussing the heated security issues in East Asia. The article started with expressing the belief that, in terms of regional security, a new order is developing in the region. Some “forces outside the region” are interfering in the process of changing the order and have “introduced uncertainty.” The article stated that the status of the East Asian region is rising on a global basis. It is very important to identify the recent troublemaker in this region. The author suggested that, apparently, China has never been a troublemaker and has consistently demonstrated patience and a sense of responsibility at all times. China has large direct investments in nearby countries and has not become a threat. The article also insisted that freedom of navigation (an issue that the United States has raised) has nothing to do with the various recent conflicts in the South China Sea. The author referred to a Philippines’ web article that suggested: it “seems” that the only superpower left in the world, the United States, is trying to contain China.
Source: People’s Daily, July 11, 2012