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The Reason behind the Abdication of the Japanese Emperor

Well-known Chinese news site Sina recently summarized a discussion and a commentary that appeared on Chinese Central Television (CCTV) on the topic of the Japanese Emperor’s abdication. In addition to the typical age discussion, CCTV focused on the fact that the sitting Emperor may be in disagreement with Japanese Prime Minister Abe on the agenda for amending the constitution. The article mentioned that the Emperor has consistently talked about the “deep reflection” needed in Japanese society over many years and he has never set foot in the Yasukuni Shrine. The CCTV commentary quoted the “Japanese media” which called the Emperor a “strong protector of the constitution.” Prime Minister Abe is widely considered to be an “amendment advocate.” Given the strong influence the Emperor has, those who want to amend the constitution have tried very hard to push the Emperor to support their agenda. CCTV noted that, apparently, their agenda is against the will of the Emperor.

Source: Sina, December 1, 2017