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Xinhua: Be Prepared for an Escalation of the Struggle against Japan

Xinhua published an article commenting on the conflict between China and Japan regarding the recent incidents in the Diaoyu (Senkaku) islands. The article argues, “The Chinese government must be prepared for the uncontrollable development of the Diaoyu Islands conflict, including necessary military preparations. Because of the impact of the Japanese right wing, the Diaoyu Islands crisis has become an irreconcilable conflict. An earlier tacit agreement between both China and Japanese government not to amplify the conflict has collapsed. In the current situation, both governments are cornered. Because of the intense hostility in both societies, they must push the situation forward.

“The Chinese government probably can only follow public opinion and go forward with a real fight with the Japanese to take control over the Diaoyu Islands. The true requirement of the people is that the government resolutely repel the government of Japan’s provocative acts. China will move forward on the Diaoyu Islands issue; it cannot go backwards or stand still. People clearly want to see such material progress.

“Many scholars of strategy believe that such a request lacks strategic wisdom. The Chinese should be tolerant and continue to fight against Japan and the U.S., who is remaining hidden in order to improve its overall strength and growth, so as to create the certainty of eventually taking over the Diaoyu Islands. This proposition is indeed a much smarter way, but it is not feasible in real politics.”

Source: Xinhua, August 22, 2012